Mini Node 860 mhz reverse

Mini Node 860 mhz reverse
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1. Forward path


Optical AGC control range: -7~+2 dBm

C/N:≥ 51dB (Note1)

Operating frequency: 45/87 ~ 862/1003MHz

C/CTB:≥ 68dB (Note1)

Flatness in band: ±0.75dB

C/CSO:≥ 65dB (Note1)

Rated output level: ≥ 92dBμV

Maximum output level: ≥ 92dBμV

2. Return path


Output optical wavelength: 1310±10nm (or specified by the user)

Output optical power: 1 mW (or specified by the user)

Operating frequency: 5 ~ 65MHz (or specified by the user)

Link flatness: ±1.5 dB

Input level range: 75 ~ 85dBμV

Input return loss: ≥16dB

NPR dynamic range: ≥10dB (FP laser, NPR≥30 dB); ≥15dB (DFB laser, NPR≥30 dB)

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