FTTH mini node 2 port

FTTH mini node 2 port
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Product Description
1. AGC function
2. Exteranl power supply
3. DC-1.2GHz
4.1 output
Performance Characteristic
1) Adopt advanced optical AGC technique, optical AGC control range: +2dBm ~ -9/-8/-7dBm adjustable
2) Have a light-receiving power detection circuit, external LED display, the display state: A,
LED is not lit_the input optical power is low; B, LED glows green_have input optical power; C,
LED glows red_the input optical power is high.
3) The optical receiver part adopts low noise high sensitivity PIN Optical detector. T
He preceding stage adopts full-GaAs MMIC amplification, while the output stage
Adopts the latest high indicators imported power doubly amplifier module. With high gain,
Low distortion and ensured the good performance indicators.
4) Continuously adjustable attenuation, extremely easy to debug.
5)The housing adopt dedicated aluminum alloy, wiredrawing oxidation treatment the surface,
The appearance is high-grade and beautiful; External power supply, very suitable for family residential use
Items Unit Technique Parameters
Optical Parameter
Optical Input AGC Range dBm -7 ~ +2
Optical Return Loss dB >45
Optical Receiving Wavelength nm 1100  ~  1600
Optical Fiber Connector Type
FC/APC , SC/APC(Or specified by the user)
Optical Fiber Type
Link Performance
C/N dB ≥51(-2dBm input)
C/CTB dB ≥61 Output level:80 dBμV
C/CSO dB ≥60
RF Parameter
Frequency Range MHz 45 ~ 862
Flatness in Band dB ±0.75
Nominal Output Level dBμV 65/80
Output Return Loss dB ≥14
Output Impedance Ω 75
Attenuation Range dBμV 1 ~ 20
Generic Characteristic
Supply Voltage V Outlay AC100~240V→DC12,/5
Operating Temperature °C -40  ~ 60
Power Consumption VA ≤ 5
Dimension mm 60(L)X45(W)X 30(H)





















































































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